My name is Curt Bagne and I made this page during the summer of 2012 to document the transformation of my 1994 Mazda Miata into a quick and capable LS1-powered track machine. The engine swap was completed during the summer of 2013 and the car has been a joy ever since.

Topics covered in this blog include:
-Chassis preparation (lightening, generating clearance for new components, increasing rigidity)
-Installation of an LS1 engine, T56 transmission, Getrag differential, and ancillary systems
-Weight reduction
-Brake system design
-Cosmetic improvements to engine compartment

-5.7L V8, ~350whp
-T56 6 speed transmission
-3.23 Getrag differential
-2,260lbs (all fluids, half fuel load)
-53% front weight bias
-15×9 +36 wheels
-225/45 r15 Hankook R-S3 tires

Reading this blog:
Begin here to see my first post and click through the subsequent posts in chronological order: First Post
To see the latest(changes to my Miata, experiences at events, and content on my other vehicles, click here.

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