7,200 Mile Road Trip in the Fun Facilitator

Over the course of about three weeks, I drove 7,200 miles, to California and back, with a number of stops along the way to visit friends and do cool things. My Miata probably wouldn’t be most people’s first choice of vehicle for such a trip but when you consider that people used to go out west on horseback, gaining sustenance via the consumption of rattle snakes sprinkled with gun powder, my car, with special amenities such as a seat…and another seat that I sat a cooler on…made the trip not only bearable but genuinely pleasant. *Not applicable were the two instances where I encountered flash flooding and had to wade through literally a few inches of water. That was quite unpleasant. But even so, the thing was pretty damn reliable and I’d totally do it again.

Auto-x in Nebraska. I dominated X Prepared, which just consisted of myself and a rough looking z3.

Claiming victims

American muscle……bro…

Utah salt flats. No I didn’t drive on them.

This is the street we stayed on in San Fran

Prepping our cars for the track in a cul de sac. A track day at Laguna Seca was the following day.

After the car meet pictured above I went to the Wal Mart parking lot that my friends were at, trying to fix the Camaro. The torque arm mount fell off. Using what was available to us at 1am, that being a clothes line from a nearby grocery store, I employed my eagle scout knot skills and some redneck engineering tactics and lashed the torque arm to the crossmember. Then we drove from LA to Vegas…and eventually on to San Antonio where the yarn was replaced with a new mount. This didn’t budge at all.

We all wore these for the drive to Vegas because not doing so would have been pretty silly IMO.

Then we water skied through New Mexico…