Miata road trip

It all started on a Monday night, when I was hanging out with some friends after a bike ride. Somebody brought up a music festival that was taking place in Georgia that upcoming weekend. The conversation shifted from a mutual understanding of its existence, to “hey we should go to that”, and finally to “lets take the Miata”. Anyway, after talking to people and trolling Craigslist, we had tickets lined up and a loose plan. Friday came before we knew it, and after a morning job interview, I got the car packed up, met my friend, and we were on our way from Detroit to Atlanta.

Being strapped into fixed back racing seats via six-point harnesses for hours on end wasn’t particularly comfortable, but that’s not important. The same things that make this car so horribly unsuitable for road trips are the same things that make it perfect. Let me explain. Now that a few weeks have passed, my butt and back have fully recovered, however the memories of driving a race car to Georgia for a festival, and the shenanigans that took place along the way, will be with me forever.

Fun facts:
-The car averaged 27mpg on the highway. We were trying to make good time and packed the car in a manner which harmed aerodynamics. Not too shabby.
-Roll bars are practical. Mine served beautifully as a cargo rack.
-There were zero mechanical mishaps.
-A Miata with an engine and trans from an 04 GTO is much faster than an 04 GTO.
-This car can handle minor off-roading. The trail to the festival parking and camp site was severely rutted.

The aftermath:

And that there, is the appearance of a car that has been genuinely enjoyed. Would I do it again? Absolutely!

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