Progress report

Despite my best efforts, I have not been able to break this thing. Believe me, I’ve tried and tried, and tried again, all to no avail.

I have been daily driving the car for the past few weeks, basically since I first made it run. In fact, my Subaru has really only been used to transport my bike. During that time, I’ve put around 1,600 miles on the car. As ridiculous as the car looks, it’s very livable. The seats are comfortable, the windscreen wiper works well, the headlights are phenomenal, the top keeps me dry in the rain, and the fuel economy was pretty good for as long as I could bear to not abuse the thing. In fact, I was able to average 25mpg with a mix of highway and city driving without annoying fellow motorists in the process. That means that this car has road trip potential.

Because photos are fun, here are a few recent ones.

I have also made a little bit of progress on the car since my last update:

Version one of the gauge cluster is now complete and properly mounted.

I also installed my remote brake bias adjuster. This thing is awesome. Optimizing the bias takes no time, and it’s easy to adjust for different surfaces conditions.

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