Ladies and gentlemen, I have a proclamation. It works!

In fact, it works quite well. After more than a year of down time, I took the car for it’s maiden voyage about two weeks ago. Now, the car has about 900 miles on the clock and 8 auto-x runs. So far, it has been a joy. The power is excellent and the delivery of the power is even better. The chassis is phenomenal–my efforts to firm things up do not go unnoticed behind the wheel. Gone are the days of the front and back of the car feeling disconnected. The steering is precise, the handling is sharp and predictable, and the brakes cause awkward facial expressions. With warm tires, the car grips in second gear. I’m thrilled to have these kinds of results, even before the car has undergone any development.

With the above said, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing.
-I had a leaky slave cylinder fitting. The fix for that is outlined in my previous post.
-The water temp has a tendency to climb if I leave the engine idling for extended periods of time. I thought I had fixed this by relocating the fans, however I now believe the problem to lie with the radiator–it has a defect which causes a drastic reduction in airflow through certain parts of the core.
-The car demonstrated understeer on the auto-x course. I have since installed a rear sway bar, hopefully eliminating the problem.

Without further delay, here are some photos:

2,240lbs with no top, oil cooler, or accusump. This means that my end goal of keeping the car under 2,300lbs is achievable.

The interior is sparse, just how I like it.

And some auto-x footage:
LS1 Miata, first auto-x.

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