Going fast: don’t we all love it?

It’s been a good week for racing, and both vehicles have taken quite a beating. I started last Saturday by attending a rally-x in the Subaru. Myself and the guy who codrove my car left with second and first respectively in a class of 12. Not bad, and I’d have won if I hadn’t hit two cones during my parade lap. :facepalm:

I had an auto-x on the agenda for last Sunday. My original plan was to take the Miata, but the weather forecast motivated me to take the Subaru instead. This was a mistake as the course resembled a drag strip and it didn’t end up raining during the first run group. Even so, good times were had and I won in my class of one. They gave me a beer mug.

I went to a track day at Gingerman on Tuesday, and put some work into air management before that.

Radiator ducting:

Under tray and splitter:

The radiator ducting worked great–the temps stayed rock solid no matter how hard I pushed. The splitter worked too well. The car gained a tendency to oversteer and I had to shift my brake bias more towards the front. In hind sight, the brake bias adjustment may have also been required because I was cooking the front brakes.

Then……pretty early on, I went off and met some tires. A combination of my forgetting about a turn that’s obscured by a crest and the brakes being too hot to do much with such late notice resulted in an off track excursion. The car is fine, however I lost all of my aero stuff and blew out the alignment. I’m kind of bummed, but **** happens and the car handled better without the splitter. After removing the mangled aluminum and performing a trackside alignment, I was up and running again, and finished the day strong.

Anyway, this car is tremendously fun on the track and I can’t wait to take it out again. The biggest problem that I can fault the car with is brake fade, and that should be easy to fix with ducts and some more serious pads. I was running Hawk HP+’s. Here’s some video of part of one of my last sessions. Watch the brake fluid reservoirs for a rudimentary G meter.

Yesterday, I went to an auto-x in Lansing, and it was about the most fun I’ve had in this car to date. My strategy for the day was to take it easy, avoid cones, and really focus on my driving. That strategy paid off as I won my class of one(woohoo), and got the second FTD. A guy in an ASP Corvette, with massive Hoosier A6′s, was faster by a second. I’m thrilled with the results, although a set of 275 A6′s would be fun to play around with.

I’m happy with the way that the car handled, too. I had an understeer problem at the first event I went to. Installing the rear swaybar made that problem go away and the car feels quite neutral now. Throwing the car into turns is extremely satisfying.

I’d consistently smoke the inside tire under braking. Kind of aggravating as I think it’s largely unavoidable unless I install ABS.

Here’s a video of my fastest run. I ran a 49.9.

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