It’s beginning to come alive!

Yeah, that’s right, progress. I had some opportunities to work on this car over spring break….so I did. The outcome was a fair amount of electrical work and the first hint of life that the car has shown in many months.

For those not familiar with the early stages of this project, I removed nearly all of the factory wiring during disassembly. The process was not delicate–I marked what I intended to reuse and tore out the rest with cable cutters. I was left with a few wires in the car and a full trash bag of wires sitting on the ground, adjacent. Wanton destruction? No, not at all. The great wire massacre of 2012 paved the way for me to make a much lighter and simpler wiring harness. Who doesn’t love lightness and simplicity? This all-business harness has custom routing, was laid out with an emphasis on serviceability(fuses and connections are easily accessible), is clear of things that may wish it harm(tires and excessive heat), and will have some antitheft measures built in.

Note that this has not been finalized. This is a progress photo. A few more wires need to be added before I can finish it off with loom and a vast quantity of zip ties.

The fuse/relay panel is mounted to the dash bar, beneath the airbag cutout in the dash. This keeps everything protected and out of the way while still easily accessible from inside the car. A stuffed turtle will be set on top of this panel as seen on the site banner.

At this point, all of the lighting works. The low beams, high beams, turn signals, tail lights, and brake lights are fully functional. Integration with the already prepared engine harness comes next.

Stay tuned for a more thorough post once the wiring is finalized.

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