This is a post for some of the little things that currently sit at varying levels of completeness. Things that are not ready for their own posts, but still deserving of attention.

Firstly, some overall photos of the engine bay. You can see the custom coolant expansion tank that one of my racing buddies fabricated.

These holes allow cool air from the naturally pressurized cowl to flow into the passenger compartment.

Aluminium cover to prevent water from entering the vent holes.

Another aluminum cover to keep water out of the factory HVAC inlet.

The engine wire harness has been thinned. All unnecessary wires were removed. The wiring will get a dedicated post once it’s done.
This is the harness after I stripped the loom and electrical tape, and before I started removing wires.

The junk that I removed.

The harness, post thinning.

The harness reinstalled on the engine with nice wire loom.

The PCM was mounted in the passenger footwell via rubber vibration isolating mounts.

An aluminium shield protects the wires and connectors from unruly feet.

The factory crash beam was motivated to leave via sawzall. I did that to facilitate the removal and installation of the drietrain. I made a bolt in crash beam to put in its place. My structure seems to be of greater strength and since it bolts in, servicing the engine will be a breeze.

One of the best things about my new crash beam is that the OEM bumper beam fits snugly over it.

I needed more clearance between the front of the engine and the swaybar so I replaced the GTO harmonic balancer with the shallower CTS-V harmonic balancer. I now have ample clearance.

All of the old control arm bushings were removed via the Harbor Freight ball joint service tool. The ball joint tool made the job significantly easier. Stiffer urethane bushings will be going in their place once the arms are cleaned up and repainted.

The Canton Racing oil cooler was mounted. More on this later when I write a post on the oil system.

The Accusump oil pressure accumulator was mounted beneath the trunk pan.

The stout Getrag differential has been mounted to the Miata subframe.

It’s a big fellow.

A Walbro 255 fuel pump is now installed in the tank.

And there you have it–a shotgun progress update.

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