More chassis preparation. The end is in sight…I think.

Today I:
-Drilled holes for the frame rail braces.
-Took measurements for the radiator, hole for wires, and fuel lines.
-Pulled the engine and trans, along with the subframe.
-Finished the transmission tunnel.
-Did more stitch welding around the tunnel.
-Filled more holes in the firewall.
-more welding and grinding than I care to do in a single day ever again.

The trans tunnel looks huge now, and it kind of is. The T56 bellhousing is no joke.

The fire wall is nearly done now. I need to drill a hole in the center for the wiring harness and throttle cable, and I need to smooth it out with body filler. At this point, I’m committed to fabricating a pedal box and running a tandem master cylinder setup with a balance bar. The tandem setup is something that has intrigued me for a while because the pressure in the lines will be directly proportional to the pressure on the pedal, the system is redundant, and you get finer control of the front/rear bias. My calfs are big enough to make the lack of a booster a non-issue if I size the cylinders appropriately.

This is where the wiper motor resided in the factory configuration.

More tomorrow.