Pummel, destroy, cut out, rebuild.

I added excessive clearance to the transmission tunnel with the BFH(big fu-riendly hammer). That ended up interfering with the movement of the gas pedal. Rather than breaking out the BFH again, and beating the offending part of the tunnel back in, I removed the afflicted portions of the tunnel on both sides. That way I’ll have fresh metal that hasn’t been fatigued by heat and lots of pounding. This was another home for the weekend sort of task, and still needs to be completed. The next step is to take out the engine and transmission so that I can finish the welding(both inside and out) and make it look pretty with the grinder. I’ll do that once I bolt in the trans crossmember, figure out how I’m going to route the fuel lines and wires, and complete any other little tasks that require the engine to be in that it’ll only have to come out once more before the final installation.

Metal peeled back to clear the larger t56 bell housing.

A quick cardboard mock-up to get a rough idea of the shape.

Substitute the cardboard for steel.

The piece has two bends in it to provide additional clearance for the go pedal and my feet.

I did the bending with my Harbor Freight metal brake. This thing is great for smaller tasks.

Tacked in.

Both sides are mostly welded in. This is the point where I ran out of time. Don’t mind the ugly welds. They’ll be ground down and made to look pretty since this car won’t have carpet.

Most importantly…

Oh, and fun fact. These aren’t the pedals that I’m going to be using. ;)

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