Got it in

I borrowed another engine puller from another guy(thanks Carlos) this morning and the engine went in not too long after. Cutting the front off helped immensely and allowed the engine and trans to go in together. After I installed the crossmember, it was a matter of getting the slightly cumbersome engine and transmission assembly lined up and bolted in. Obviously, this isn’t the final installation of the engine. It’s in so that I can rebuild the transmission tunnel with proper clearance for the bell housing. I’ll also figure out where the wiring and fuel lines will need to be run so that I can install those later on, when the engine is out, and actually do a good job of it. The V8Roadsters frame rails and transmission crossmember still need to be bolted in. I’m waiting on that, or at least on the crossmember, until I get the rear end in so that I can ensure that everything is straight and properly aligned.

Engine and trans, suspended by seatbelt webbing.

The crossmember is in, and part of the front fell off. Good start.

V8R crossmember.

A box of seatbelt webbing, courtesy of the guy who I borrowed the hoist from. It’s convenient for holding the engine and trans up, particularly since my engine is missing one of the lift hooks.

My angle grinder couldn’t cut deep enough to remove the front. The front had to come off, so Pat came with a sawzall and did some work. He also helped me get the engine lined up and bolted in. Thanks Pat.

It’s in. Hooray.

Yep, still there.

Oh yeah, I still don’t have the right oil pan. I removed the GTO oil pan, which doesn’t clear the crossmember, and used the gasket to hold some plastic tarp material in place. Good enough to keep crud out until I get my oil pan situation straightened out.

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