The Teardown

The first step was to remove all of the things. Although that sounds vague, it aptly describes what I did. This post only shows you the beginning.

First, the engine and transmission were removed. I had never pulled an engine or a transmission prior to this point, and conveniently, it was properly simple. The key is to triple check that everything is unbolted and disconnected. Having a load leveler helps(mine was from Harbor Freight), and so does periodically checking clearances as you’re lifting out the drivetrain. I wasn’t worried about scratching the paint because I knew that I’d have to repaint the bay, but I was still quite careful.

As you can see, the garage was a huge mess at this point–car parts and other junk strewn about. Thanks to craigslist, forum classifieds, and family, I got much of the stuff cleared out and ended up with some more money for my fun fund.

Keeping the OEM wiring harness didn’t make sense since the car is stripped. I marked and separated what I wanted to keep and hastily removed the rest. This is where a wiring schematic of the vehicle really comes in handy. I saved most of the wires coming off of the steering column, the exterior lighting wires were labeled and set aside, and the wires going to the rear of the car (lighting, fuel pump, fuel level sensor, and main power supply) were coiled up and set aside. The car will go back together with the LS1 engine harness, aftermarket gauges, aftermarket fuse blocks and relays, and all of that will be tied together by myself. I’m doing this for weight reduction and simplicity.

The state of the interior:

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