I have a V8!

I drove to Cleveland Pick-A-Part the other day to pick up an LS1 and T56 from a 2004 GTO. The engine has 47k miles and came with a warranty. I’m impressed with Pick-A-Part. They thoroughly inspected my engine before sellin it. That inspection included a compression test, measurement of oil pressure, and measurement of vacuum. They also took a video of the engine running. The engine and trans looked immaculate when I got them. There was no grease or grime to be found. I took a peak under a valve cover as well. It looked as though they had taken everything apart, steam cleaned all of the components, and reassembled them with lubricant. The valvetrain looked brand new. You can certainly find parts for less on craigslist and so on, but quality salvage places like Cleveland Pick-A-Part are the way to go if you’re not looking to gamble with your money. I know exactly what I bought and I know that it works. That feels good.

Removing the parts from the trailer was interesting and involved my dad creeping forward in his van while the pallet was tied to my Subaru. The unloading went perfectly.

Oh my!

A quick test fit.

The big parts that I still need now are the V8R swap kit(ordered) and a Getrag rear differential.

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