Back to school

This build is going to be moving slowly for the next couple of months. The only work that will be done is that which I can fit in if I find myself home for a weekend. The good news is that I will have all of the parts together by the time my lengthy winter break starts. During that break, I am going to have no life and I am going to finish this thing.

In the mean time, the car has been prepared for dormancy. I covered all of the bare metal with three different types of spray paint that I had on hand and cleaned all of the steel dust off of the paint. It’s ready to sit, but hopefully won’t have to sit for too long. I’m hoping that I can get the transmission tunnel finished and the engine bay painted before the weather turns cold. That may be a lofty goal for sporadic weekend labor, but I’ll do what I can to make it happen.

Pre-body filler and it looks pretty good.

These are going to look excellant once I touch them up with a little bit of filler.

Not much evidence of this thing having heat in a previous life.

I also patched up the corners of the engine bay.

The car hasn’t been this clean in weeks.

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